Successfully Engaging New Customers While Maintaining Relationships with Existing Customers

Every small business we work with at engajer is looking for a way to do more with their limited resources. Time spent chasing new leads can’t come at the risk of relationships with existing, paying customers, so efficiency is imperative when it comes to maintaining good relationships with existing customers while gaining new ones. Just as one of the keys of personal finance is to make your money work for you, one of the keys of success in small business is to make your content work for you.

We know that consumers use existing content to get more than halfway through the buying process before contacting a sales representative. As such, your content should ideally work so well, that it completely familiarizes a prospective customer with who you are and what your business can do for them. From there, it should helpfully guide those prospective customers to contact your sales team (which of course, in many cases, is comprised of one person – you) to finish the sales process.

One of our SMB customers, David Gazave, who is a business coach with the ActionCoach Network, would spend hours at networking events talking to people about his services and collecting business cards for follow up. Out of 15 people contacted, his outreach in this manner would typically yield 1-3 appointments, from which one might become a new paying client.

David built an engajer to introduce his offerings to new customers. engajer’s solution provides David the ability to send a personalized message to a prospective client and for that individual to review the engajer at their leisure. With engajer, David can be virtually face-to-face with any lead, even if he is otherwise occupied. Through engajer’s real-time updates, David even has the option to know instantly at exactly what time his video modules were viewed. Finally, the statistical functionality of engajer provides unique insight into the effectiveness of his outreach, as well as into which of the prospective leads are most interested.

By putting his content to work, David’s response rate jumped by 50 percent, and his audience grew by 112 percent.

While David is spending his time collecting more leads, engajer does the job of telling other leads exactly what value his services as a certified ActionCoach will provide for them. All of this client interaction is tracked and relayed back to David as valuable information for his subsequent follow ups.

Whatever content a small business provides to inform and engage prospective customers, it should contribute to the efficiency of the business, both drawing in new customers, as well as sustaining relationships with current customers.

What strategies have you employed to increase efficiency in your small business and better engage prospective customers?

Michael Castellano
CEO, engajer