Non-Profits and the Power of Storytelling: Working with Will Ferrell and CFC to Raise Money for Cancer Survivors

Everyone understands the power of a good story, but what about a story that’s life-changing? What about a story so powerful it would compel you to leave a successful career, take a substantial cut in pay, and completely change your goals in life?

Many leaders and founders of non-profits know this story all too well. They were personally touched by a situation (or by someone else’s situation) so strongly they were willing to give up the things that seemed important and dedicate their lives to a cause. I’ve personally met people who formed non-profits after witnessing a friend or family member suffer with cancer, or who spent a holiday volunteering in a food kitchen for the homeless, or volunteered their time with animals at a local shelter. Times like these have had a profound impact on the lives of individuals that can never be undone.

Last week, I was reaching out to a friend in order to see if he would lend me some assistance on a business matter. Instead of reaching my friend; mysteriously (my friend must have changed his number), I reached a single mother of three. Curious, I engaged in a conversation with her and learned that what she desired most at that moment was a steady job and a little extra money to get her three young children to and from school. In my busy CEO life, it really helped me to put things into perspective. Immediately, I phoned a friend who had lived in her area and was willing to help her find a job; and of course, I wired her some money so that she could get her kids to and from school in the meantime. Even though this was a complete stranger, I knew it was the right thing to do. I also knew that I was connected with her for a reason, even if I did not understand why at the moment. As fate would have it, I now have four new friends; and even as I write this, I am still amazed at how just a little bit of my time, money, and connections, could make such a big difference in the life of a fellow human being and her family.

Leaders in non-profits have often been personally touched by a cause so great, and so life changing to them that nothing can ever be the same. In support of their cause, most will spend their time and energy in passionate and relentless communicatiion to convey the need and build support, both from volunteers and fundraising. I am humbled and inspired by these individuals.

engajer is proud to be a part of supporting the non-profit community, and is pleased to announce the release of the Cancer for College engajer, with CFC founder Craig Pollard, his friend Will Ferrell, and past recipients of CFC’s amazing scholarship program. The stories of these cancer survivors and their families show the compelling benefit from CFC’s mission, changing lives of survivor’s one family at a time.

Michael Castellano
CEO, engajer