Interactive Video Lets Your Customers Choose Their Own Adventure

As a kid, I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books – they were exciting, and you could control your own destiny. The power of dictating how a story progresses is exhilarating! Do I enter the cave, or do I go into the submarine? Having an option added a sense of, well, adventure, as well as a sense of power that doesn’t come often for a child. Sure, linear novels were fun, too, but with a Choose Your Own Adventure book, I always felt like in some way, I was writing the story. Rather than having a pre-determined story just happen to me, I was in the driver’s seat, and the story evolved based on my own moods and interests.

Having that kind of responsibility as I read made me feel a connection to the story, and I found myself reading the same book over and over again, choosing different paths each time, just because I could. I enjoyed the ownership I felt.

While it’s been a while since I last chose my own adventure in a book, I still believe in the concept — especially as it transfers to video. The consumer should have the power to dictate what is seen in a video, and in what order – and so should you.

Think about it. Many people watching your video are likely prospective customers, and the video stands proxy for your talented sales team. If your best salesperson could sit down with each customer and engage in a one-on-one conversation led by the priorities and interests of that customer, the customer would feel catered to, heard, and plugged in to whatever your message is.

Contrast that with a linear video, and no matter how charismatic the acting is, the lack of interaction and lack of power given to the viewer make it impossible to capture the experience of a personal conversation. But, when the viewer has the ability to keep the video conversation going based on that viewer’s needs and interests, then that one-on-one feel comes back into play, creating a connection between the customer and your message.

We call this the viewer’s “pathway of interest,” and when your company pays attention to this, you have basically cloned your best salesperson, letting them relay personalized presentations to countless customers in any location.

engajer gives control to your customers based on their pathways of interest. Produced as a series of 30-second short video bursts, an engajer lets the customer choose how much to see, when and in what order. The danger of losing customers’ interest while they are waiting to get to the “good stuff” wanes. Just like in a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, customers engage rather than passively watch as a linear video washes over them.

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Michael Castellano
CEO, engajer