Dream Big

Several years later and I still find it amazing that we built an Engajer with Sir Richard Branson. I remember the brainstorming meeting where we challenged the team to pick the loftiest interview target to highlight our solution and aspirational company goals. I yelled, “Richard Branson!” and even I laughed, and then it happened.

I could write a book (or do an Engajer) on the art of crazy goal setting and shooting for the moon. That’s been a big theme in my life, and the culture that built the Engajer project. But out of all the amazing Engajer’s I’ve been a part of creating, I’m still most proud of our work with Will Ferrell, supporting the Cancer for College team.

The Cancer for College Engajer is a set of short video clips explaining the organization’s charter and telling the powerful stories of families impacted by childhood cancer. This can often drain savings to pay for medical bills, leaving no means to later pay for their children’s education. In one of the most moving segments a cancer survivor talks about how this experience shaped her life, and ultimately led to her decision to study pediatric oncology and become a nurse in the hospital that cared for her during her illness.

To me, this is one of the most profound examples of the power of video to convey the story beyond the story. To communicate the empathy and emotional impact that is often lost through written form. The cynic will say this is manipulative, but the optimist will see the potential of this tool to more deeply connect on transformational ideas and themes that can move us forward in so many positive ways.

Let’s change the world together.